Free your air purifier from the floor to the air.
Breathe better, gracious style.

FLAT™, The thinnest air purifier in the world
Wall-mounted picture frame type air purifier


Choose your owe style

Tired of the looking of your air purifier? Just replace a new painting !

Just choose a frame and picture you like to create your own style.

Suitable space

Clean air delivery rate (CADR) achieves 231 CMH (m³/hr.)
Suitable for room sizes of 16-27 m²

FLAT™ can effectively filter and pump out the volumn of the air of the above-mentioned space size every 12-20 minutes; within this space size, it can always ensure that the indoor paticulated matter quality is excellent.

ZERO Ozone

The study proved that even a low ozone concentration of 0.04 ppm is potentially lethal;

The filter-free electrostatic type has low filtration efficiency, cannot well filer the nano-level paticulated matter, and the worse is it generates ozone which harms the human body. Therefore, no world-famous brand company produce electrostatic type air purifier.

How often does FLAT™'s filter need to be replaced?

The filters' price on the market are too expensive.
To develop an air purifier with a most cost-effective filter is our original intention to devoted ourselves in this industry.

The filter of FLAT™ is developed based on professional reserch papers. We developed a most cost-effective filter and the filtering effect is also guaranteed by certification.

  • The dust holding capacity CCM surpassed the highest P4 certification, up to 21,471mg;
  • According to the estimated cumulated clean mass of 7000mg annuly, the filter only needs to be replaced once every 2-3 years.

The FLAT™ provides live-monitoring and filter replacement reminder functions. This prevents wastage, while ensuring high filtering efficiency at all times.

Intelligent remote control

No matter how far away, stand by with your family.

【Control】:As long as the mobile phone has internet connection, you can monitor the air quality in your home and control it remotely via app from any place in the world.

【Share】:You can share the FLAT with your family members and control it remotely via app by multiple people.

【Monitor】:Data sharing only, which allows you to share the environmental data to others who care about the air quality, but can avoid them arbitrarily controlling it.

Equipped with a precision laser particulate matter sensor

Adopt the same high presicion sensor which used in the Academia Sinica's natinal project of LASS (Location Aware Sensor System) to measure the real time paticulate matter density. Combined with Wi-Fi IoT and APP, it can be selected the optimal filtration mode automatically according to the air pollution level, and can be displayed the enviromental data or remotely controlled via app.

Equipped with the latest environment sensor

In addition to particulate matter, FLAT™ uses the latest German environmental sensor, can accurately measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It can immediately observe whether the indoor volatile gas is at a safe level. And as a weather station at home, it tells you the temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure value. Appropriate measures can be taken to prevent discomfort as early as possible.

Set up the standby and sleep mode schedule to integrate FLAT™ into your daily life.

For different usage scenarios, you can preset the size of the space, and the optimal filtration mode will be selected automatically according to the room size and air pollution level. You can also set the [Standby] and [Sleep] time separately, let the FLAT takes care of your family's health every single day in the way you expect.

Certification & Approval


Our original heart


Again and again, back and forth between reserch center and various laboratories, we just want to pursue our original intention why we devoted to this industry.
Looking forward to a perfect product, we take every detail seriously.


~Sauberair Technology

Commitment to good quality

We take the safety and effectiveness of FLAT™ very seriously. We successfully obtained the BSMI certification for the safty of the air purifier. With 9cm the world's thinnest air purifier the FLAT still achieves a CADR (clean air delivery rate) of 231m³/hr. Moreover, the dust holding capacity surpasses the highest P4 standard 1.8 times, increasing filter lifespan substantially at least to 2 years.


FLAT™ Ordinary version
FLAT™ Bluetooth speaker version
FLAT™ Ordinary version + Picture frame
FLAT™ Bluetooth speaker version + Picture frame
FLAT™ Stands
FLAT™ Adapter
FLAT™ Picture frame