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Who we are?

Who we are?

Better Breathing, Gracious Style

Sauber means Clean in German. Sauberair=Cleanair

Brand Story

The World Health Organization estimates that global air pollution causes seven million premature deaths each year. Furthermore, the founder, Gary, himself suffers from a respiratory super-allergy. Unable to find an air purifier that fully met his requirements, he took the initiative to develop one for himself, benefiting others facing similar challenges.
With extensive connections, expertise in production, and a background in mechanics, information management, and project management, Gary collaborated with partners skilled in electrical machinery, software engineering, and industrial design. Together, they created the world's thinnest air purifier, transforming it into a wall-mounted piece that simultaneously fulfills several criteria: a long-lasting filter, maintenance-free operation, energy efficiency, ozone-free operation, aesthetic appeal, built-in Bluetooth speaker, and advanced features like UVC and photocatalyst sterilization for viral suppression.
This innovative air purifier not only delivers optimal air quality but also boasts outstanding performance, an appealing design, and a feature-rich smartphone app offering settings such as automatic detection, timer switch, sleep mode, etc. Additionally, a thoughtful home/office mode adjusts the operating time based on different occasions to cater to diverse needs.


Make it easy for everyone to breathe clean air at a low cost.

Quality policy

Make our products so impressive that our consumers willingly recommend them to their friends.

Core Values: Integrity

We believe in honesty, truthful advertising, and we only produce products that are beneficial and effective for consumers.
We refrain from making promises to our customers lightly, and when we do make a commitment, we wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to fulfilling it.

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