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Sauber is German, the English translation of "Sauber" is "clean, fresh, fantastic or great". Sauberair=Clean Air

Air pollution kills an estimated seven million people worldwide every year. WHO data shows that 9 out of 10 people breathe air containing high levels of pollutants. Hence, many people have purchased air purifier to clean the air indoor. We found that the filters of air cleaners in the market are generally not cheap, so we began to study the principles of filteration and related reserch papers.

The filter-free electrostatic type has low filtration efficiency, cannot well filer the nano-level paticulated matter, and the worse is it generates ozone which harms the human body. Therefore, no world-famous brand company produce electrostatic type air purifier.

According to many reaserch papers, if we want to get a better filteration result, increasing airflow exchange rates is more important than increasing filter efficiencies to expensiver HEPA filter. Thus, we developed a cheaper but high efficicent and longer live-span filter. Hence, the users no longer have to worry about the high mantaince cost.

More over, we creat a world thinest air purifier build into a wall picture, equipt with exclusive advanced filter blocking detection technology. It provides unique live-monitoring and filter replacement reminder functions to remind you replacing the filter at the optimal time. This prevents wastage, while ensuring high filtering efficiency at all times.

Reference: Effectiveness of Air Filters and Air Cleaners in Allergic Respiratory Diseases: A Review of the Recent Literature, James L. Sublett, Curr Allergy Asthma Rep. (2011) 11: 395.